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Fertilize Your Lawn at the right Time

The amount of fertilizer to apply to your lawn should be determined by a soil test. Pick up a soil test kit at any Pike Nurseries. Once you get the soil sample, send it in through the mail to get the test results. If you have not had your soil tested, or don’t have time to do the test, use Pike Nurseries Lawn Fertilizer and follow label amounts.

Bermuda grass: Fertilize frst in spring when the grass is 50% green. Fertilize every six weeks thereafter until mid-September. A “winterizer” fertilizer may be applied in mid-September but no later.

Fescue grass: Fescue does the majority of its productive growth between September and June. Fertilizer should be applied three or four times, typically in September, November, February and perhaps in April. Fertilizing fescue in the summer is not recommended because it robs food from the roots of the grass and makes it more susceptible to drought and disease.

Zoysia grass: Fertilize in spring when the grass is 75 – 100% green and then every seven weeks until mid-September.

Centipede grass: Fertilize in spring when the grass is 50% green and then again in mid-summer.

St. Augustine grass: Fertilize in spring when the grass is 50% green and then every six weeks until mid-September.

Lime: If the lawn has not been limed in the last few years, the soil is probably too acid. You can apply 40 pounds of lime per 1000 square feet at any time. A soil test might determine that you need more – but this is a moderate amount, which is certainly better than nothing.

You can put down lime and fertilizer at the same time. As long as the turf is dry, the particles of either one will not stick to grass blades. They will simply fall to the ground and will start their good work as soon as it rains.

How to Apply: Cyclone spreaders and drop spreaders can do a good job. Apply half of the fertilizer going back and forth on the lawn and the other half while traveling at right angles to the first trip.


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