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Getting your lawn spring ready

You should be doing one of two things now to get a weed-free, green lawn:

  • ApplyingCrabgrass Preventer

  • Reseeding/Re-SoddingNote: You cannot do both so you have to decide what your lawn needs more

Applying a Crabgrass Preventer:

  • Early March is the time to apply a Crabgrass Preventer

  • This will prevent annual summer weeds, such as Crabgrass and broadleafed weeds.

Reseeding Your Lawn: This needs to be done no later than mid-April

Here are 7 easy steps on how to reseed your lawn:

  • Measure your yard and determine the approximate square footage that needs to be reseeded.

  • If possible, kill out any existing weeds with Kleen-Up a week before planting. Make sure you apply Kleen-Up on a calm, non-windy day since it will kill anything green that it comes in contact with.

  • Put down at least 1 inch of topsoil or soil conditioner and work it into the native soil. Our Georgia red clay is very dense and it's hard for seeds to germinate in this soil.

  • Add Lawn Starter fertilizer to the soil. The label shows the application rates, or a Nurseries Associate can help you determine how much you'll need

  • Use a broadcast spreader, and apply Atlanta Blend Fescue Grass Seed. Adjust dial to appropriate setting and add the amount of seed you have determined necessary for your square footage. Put seed down as evenly as possible. Do not put down seed at a higher rate than recommended - it will not create a lusher lawn!

  • Put down a light layer of wheat straw over newly seeded area.

  • Water well and use an appropriate sprinkler for your yard's size. You want to water until right before you see run-off. This is typically about 30 minutes.


  • If you don't want to wait for a lush lawn, use sod.


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